Superior Fencing for Your Pets and Farm Animals

Animals are part of the family, so keeping them safe is a real priority. We build many styles of kennels, cages, fences, and security fences. Our animal containment fences are designed for safety. We have built cat enclosures, dog kennels, and other animal and farm fences.

Let Northwest Fence know what your needs are, so we can help you take care of those wonderful creatures that enrich the lives of your family. We take pride in their security. Contact us today! We provide residential and commercial animal fencing services. 

Many Types of Animal Security Fences

At Northwest Fence in Bellingham, WA, we carry materials and plans to make many types of animal containment fences.

Some of the fences we can build include animal security or containment, kennels, and more. Call us today to find out what we can do for your pets.
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fencing materials!

We have been in the 
fencing business since 1986.

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